Being a fellow Canadian I had met Melbourne through social functions in Jakarta. As we are both longtime residents in Jakarta I have had the opportunity to learn more about Melbourne's work over a number of years. He is not only a skilled photographer; he is passionate about what he is photographing and shares that talent with others. Clients that I have met through a professional relationship I have referred to Melbourne to pursue their hobby of photography. Whether they have done a walking city tour with Melbourne in Jakarta, accompanied him on a photographic trip domestically or internationally, the feedback from them is always the same. They have repeatedly shared they learned a huge amount regarding photography and had immensely enjoyed the time spent with Melbourne. I will continue to highly recommend Melbourne.

Gene Sugandy Jakarta

After 4 photography tours with Melbourne and Maria, I’ve found them to be very diligent in ensuring that participants leave each tour with amazing photos, no matter what skill level or equipment the participant arrives with! Their thoughtful attention to detail - in both planning and executing each trip - is what keeps me coming back. Their itineraries are designed to provide opportunities for great candid shots, as well as special events for development of a particular skill (such as taking portraits, use of fill flash, framing landscapes, use of various filters, photography at night, capturing subjects in motion... it varies by tour). Melbourne is an enthusiastic and patient teacher, who generously shares his knowledge and experience with the group as a whole and with each individual participant. His practical approach and genuine interest in each participant’s success make for a satisfying and enjoyable outing every time.

Annelle W, Vancouver, Canada

The Jewels of Indonesia Photo Tour with Melbourne and Maria was all I could have wished and more. Our small group enjoyed Melbourne's expertise and photography knowledge in amazing locations full of photo opportunities, but especially, we had his and Maria's full devotion and care. They made everything in their hands to make our experience the most enjoyable and comfortable, and they had everything arranged to maximize the possibilities for great shots (like engaging villagers as models beforehand or taking us to places thoroughly researched by them). Each one of us had as much advice, company, attention and humor as wanted. Having literally flown around half the Globe for this tour, I cannot be enthusiastic enough about how it all worked out and about their brilliant leaders, now (antipodean) friends

I wish to meet again as soon as possible.

Cristina G PhD Lima, Peru

I have been on two photo tours with Melbourne and Maria, one to India and the other to Indonesia. Both trips were full of amazing photo opportunities. Melbourne is always available to help with any photographic questions or issues. While we as a group had various levels of expertise, I am confident we all benefited from his teachings. Every day was an adventure and when picture taking was done for the day we stayed in sumptuous hotels and ate wonderful food. Maria is a mother hen who took care of our every want and need. She ensured we were well taken care of no matter how far off the beaten track we were.

My experiences with Melbourne and Maria convinced me this is how the best photo tours are run (I have done several others less educational or satisfying). I am excited to see what new places I can go to with M&M. It is becoming am annual visit with wonderful friends who all happen to love photography. What could be better than that?

See you in 2019!

Gail L, Vancouver, Canada

The Jewels of Indonesia photo tour with Melbourne was for me a great photographic experience. Mount Bromo’s volcano, Kalimantan’s orangutans and the buffalo races in Bali amazed me. I have joined photo tours before with other renowned photographers, but Melbourne’s photo tour was more than excellent. Maria did a perfect organization. I loved the experience so much that I would repeat it. I’ll get in contact to repeat a tour to a new destination.

Maria B, Lima, Peru

I started my photography journey by attending Melbourne's photography workshops back in 2009. Since then I have traveled with him and Maria throughout Indonesia, Asia and further afield. I have loved every trip - so well organized by Maria (the power behind the man) with excellent local guides to ensure we get the best photo opportunities. The most memorable parts have been the wonderful festivals that many of the trips have been built around and the friends that I have made along the way. I have learnt so much and many of my photos now win local competitions - all thanks to Melbourne and Maria.

Vivian B, UK

Connecting with Melbourne has been a turning point for me in developing skill, passion and experience with digital photography. I had taken photography workshops before, but Melbourne’s classes are different. He is an excellent teacher. He understands the importance of step-by-step hands-on activities to help you move from the “automatic” setting with confidence and get started with Photoshop. After the workshop I suggest one of Melbourne’s photography tours. They are small, individualized and totally “focused” on photography. I have now traveled to Bali and Belitung in Indonesia, as well as Cambodia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka with Melbourne and Maria (his wife). They are an incredible team.”

Debra W, NY, USA

I recently returned from the Angkor Wat - Cambodia 6 day tour with Melbourne and Maria. For me this trip was perfectly organized, very well laid out, loads of fun and I learned a lot regarding my photography. Angkor Wat is such an amazing place and having Melbourne on the spot to assist us in capturing the best photos possible was invaluable. This is my second tour - Mt Bromo being my first - which was also fantastic... I love how all the small details are organized for me because it gives me more time to focus on photography and not arranging touristy details. I also have to say that I previously did the 2 photography courses and then followed up with the Photoshop courses. And these did set me up for a more successful tour away with all the basic knowledge on board... Thanks again Melbourne and Maria - you make a Great Team.

Samantha B, Jakarta, Indonesia

When Melbourne and Maria decided to run a trip to Myanmar we put our names down straight away, it has been on our list of 'must visit' for some time. We have been on a few of their trips and they have all been great fun and so well organized, this trip was no exception. Myanmar is a magical place and our travelling companions were just wonderful. We came home with some fantastic photographs and would highly recommend the trip.

Shaun & Alix R, UK

Thank you for arranging a memorable tour to Angkor Wat. I have loved developing my photography skills in such a fascinating environment. The planning and organization has been superb…..big thumbs up!!!

Vanessa C, Jakarta, Indonesia

If you are looking for growth and inspiration, attend Melbourne's photography workshop. My camera manual never made much sense to me….sounded like another language. Melbourne made the miracle happen. He's an outstanding presenter who lives his passion through every spoken word or photo that he shared with us. I learned so much and became inspired to really use my camera the way it could be used--not just as a point-and-shoot.

Helen B, Calgary, Canada

If you like photography you will love Melbourne’s photography courses, the guy is a genius and the format keeps you interested ALL the time, and teach you so much about photography in general but more to the point you can learn so much about your own camera and how to use it correctly. I would highly recommend you go as soon as possible and gain some extra knowledge from the guy who knows what he is talking about and his presentation style just makes you want to learn more and more.

Graham H, Jakarta, Indonesia

Melbourne is the photography teacher in Jakarta. He is a nice guy, good teacher, competent in his field, well experienced, and a well-known photographer for many big companies. He asked us to shoot, shoot, shoot and not be afraid to make mistakes. Now I know better about the knowledge of composition, lighting, as well as shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

So, whoever wants to learn and improve their photography knowledge, I fully recommend them to attend Melbourne’s photography workshops.

Suryanata S, Jakarta, Indonesia

As a serious enthusiast when it comes to photography I was surprised at how much Melbourne covered with a large group, in a short period of time and also his passion to teach us fellow learners. Even knowing some of the basics, I was surprised to learn a lot! He makes the hard things seem so much easier to remember and understand! And with a guy like Melbourne you aren't shy to ask silly questions! If you do have the chance to take a workshop with him, I do recommend it.

Jonathan R, Jakarta, Indonesia

Melbourne’s class was awesome! Who knew my little camera was such a technological gem. The class was easy to follow and Melbourne was interesting and engaging. I put my new found information into use that very night. I went out with friends for dinner and took the camera off the Auto settings and customized everything that I had learned earlier that day. When it was picture time we all passed our cameras to the waiter and when we were reviewing, everyone said that my pictures came out so much better and, wanted copies. I am truly happy and satisfied and I can’t wait to join a walking tour.

Natalia, Jakarta, Indonesia

The success of a photo tour isn't just about the location, you need a good teacher who you enjoy spending time with. Melbourne is easy going and very helpful. He helps you hands on, gives clear direction and gives you space to work on your own. He and Maria were a pleasure to travel with. I hope to have the opportunity to join another photo tour with Melbourne in the near future. The Myanmar tour submerses you in the Burmese culture. It was a non-stop action packed well organized photographic delight.

Troy S, Calgary, Canada

It was the beginning of my retirement time. It was in Indonesia. I remembered my youth’s great hobby - photography. Times are changing - photography has become digital. I recognized the camera, but did not recognize the new digital opportunities in modern techniques. I learned about Melbourne - The Photographer in Jakarta. I met him and his enthusiasm in a photo exhibition. I attended a course in digital photography. I was invited to seminars and tours - photo focus, aperture priority is Melbourne's mantra. I learned. I practiced. I got new friends from other places in the world. In Norway, where I now live and belong, there is enthusiasm for my new photos. After two years, I recently returned to Indonesia. Why? I could combine a business trip with a tour to Mount Bromo. Why? It was my third tour experience with Melbourne and Maria and their enthusiastic learners. My best recommendations for Melbourne The Photographer- and the hope that new learners will have a shorter journey than Oslo – Jakarta, for joining in.

Jarle K, Norway

A real challenge for instructors, particularly in travel photography is to place the photography needs of their participants before their own. And Melbourne is really cool with this. On my first trip with him to Myanmar, he was approachable, patient, practical and considerate of our individual needs. Our schedule was geared to being in the right place at the right time. I liked the photo op with locals, Maria and Melbourne’s gesture of giving photos taken from previous trips back to the 'subjects', their choice of local guides who were excellent and the variety of locations. It was a worthwhile and memorable experience with like-minded travel buddies!! A great two weeks, thanks M n M.

Louise G, Australia

When asked if it was worth going on the tour with Melbourne to Angkor Wat, my answer is ABSOLUTELY!!!!. Through Melbourne and Maria’s years of experience and contacts, they had us concentrating exclusively on taking spectacular pictures of iconic places, and honing our craft. The tour gave us unprecedented access to areas of Angkor Wat that not only would have been overlooked but would also have been filled with tourists. In addition, not only was the tour filled with a gracious teacher, but Maria’s leadership and nurturing manner, made me us feel as though we were on a luxury tour! Thank you so much for one of the best experiences of my life! Can’t wait for the next adventure!”

Priti M, Jakarta

More testimonials available if you need them:-)

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