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Photo Walks in Jakarta

Photo-Walks in and around Jakarta have become popular with our circle of photography friends. These walks are a proven way of fast-tracking photography and composition skills, whilst shooting in ever changing conditions. The walks are also a pleasant way to learn how daily life goes on in the kampungs in Jakarta.

We are constantly adding new photo-walks and no matter which one you choose to join, you will find there are many photo-ops on each walk. Once you have been on one photo-walk you will probably want to attend more.

No matter what your experience level, Melbourne will help you improve your camera skills and composition during the photo-walk.

Our regular photo-walks are usually scheduled for weekends and are limited to 8 participants. They can also be conducted as a private tour of just one or two participants, or you can form your own group and schedule the walk to fit your timetable.

If you are looking for a gift for your photographer friend, consider gifting a prepaid morning photo-walk in Jakarta with Melbourne.

Some examples here:

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